Haunted Theater & Live Backstage Clue

Floor Plan

Live Backstage Clue Summary

The objective is exactly like the board game you played as a kid- to solve a murder using your deductive powers by determining which character committed the murder, with which weapon, and in which room, What is unique with Live Backstage Clue is that you get to ask real characters your questions in their own rooms.


  1. Have Fun! Live Backstage Clue is an interactive experience that is fun for all.
  2. Play by yourself, as a couple or with friends (max 3 people per game ticket). You can play up to 5 games on each game card. After paying for your game card, go to the Director’s Chair.
  3. The Director will assign a specific game number, which is unique to YOUR game. Others playing different game numbers will not benefit from your questions or answers.
  4. If multiple players wish to play the SAME game to see who solves the murder quickest be sure to let the Director know multiple teams are playing the SAME game. Make sure that others playing your SAME game do not hear your questions or answers.
  5. Proceed to Munchkin Land to start asking your 3 questions (character, room & weapon).
  6. The character will either tell you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to one of your three guesses. Mark down your answer on your game card.
  7. Rotate through all characters in sequence as you ask your questions and arrive at your accusation. Munchkin Land - Enchanted Forest - Black Pearl - Cat’s Alley - Little Shop of Horrors - Sherlock Holmes’ Study
  8. Once you are prepared to make your accusation, proceed to the weapon table, select the weapon you believe was used, and then proceed to the Director’s Chair. Return the weapon when done.
  9. Once you are finished playing, please fill out the back of your game card for a chance to win a Deluxe Wooden Clue/Monopoly family game set. Limit one entry per household.
  10. Please do not touch any props (other than the presumed weapon) or characters.

Thanks for Playing!
Presented by the Newberry Theater Foundation & Ohio OnStage.

For reservations call 937-473-5677. For questions or additional information email info@newberrycenter.com.